June 24, 2024

Bakers are introducing new trends to make weddings more memorable. Although 2021 was a wild year, it didn’t dampen the spirit of people. Every year, wedding trends change and the importance of wedding cakes changes. The decadent cakes were elevated to new heights by bakers in 2021. Many are smaller weddings, so some have reduced the size and made them more delicious. While simple tiered wedding cakes are a trend, bakers have redesigned the style. Designer cakes are replacing traditional, cultural catering. Couples today are following the trends and ordering themed cakes onlineOnline cake delivery is an option that is easy to use, but it can be not easy to choose the right one. Let’s look at the current trends in wedding cakes for 2021.

Hand-Painted Art

This cake is hand-painted in edible colours to give it a majestic, romantic look. This cake is perfect for any wedding occasion, big or small. It is becoming more popular over the years, and in 2021, watercolor will be the most sought-after wedding cake trend.

Skinnier Multi-Tier Cake

Traditional weddings are filled with thick multi-tiered cakes. However, in 2021, the guest list will be smaller, and only a handful will attend the weddings. As a result, bakeries have created a skinnier multi-tiered cake that both couples and guests love. You can also choose a lighter multi-tiered wedding cake. This is an attractive option.

Translucent Isomalt Design

Isomalt, a sugar substitute, is translucent and glossy and can be used in cakes. This cake is a great example of how we can innovate and be creative. This cake is stunning because it is decorated with translucent isomalt. It gives it a unique design that leaves people stunned. Although not many people know the process, it is a popular wedding cake trend.

Mixed Sweet Confections

The bottom cake with brownies or macrons on the top is so delicious and sweet. Mixed sweet confections are another popular choice for wedding cakes. They are gaining popularity and making it part of their wedding. This combination of single-tier and multiple wedding cake options is very amusing.

Modern Architectural Design

This cake stands out among other cakes as it is both traditional and chocolate. It also has multiple tiers with intricate architectural designs. The cake shape is not only round but also inspired by modern art. This cake is perfect for modern architecture lovers.

Beautiful Floral Cake

A floral cake is becoming increasingly popular for weddings and receptions. A cake decorated with edible flowers or petals gives it a royal look. The most beautiful wedding cake trend is to choose decoked floral sugar. This cake is best for intimate weddings but can also be used for large-fat weddings.

Buttercream Detailing

Experts predict that buttercream will do wonders. Therefore, fun buttercream designs can be a major part of the future’s wedding cake trends. Some couples adopt this cake because they see it as unique. Although buttercream detailing can be difficult to achieve, it is possible at the right time.

Mini Cakes

It is also a small regular or mini cake or a single-tier cake suitable for small weddings and receptions. COVID-19 has made it very popular. Because of restrictions, only certain guests can call, and people have changed their preferences from large, multi-tier cakes to smaller, single-tier cakes with elegant toppings. A mini cake is another option in the wedding cake trend.

Square Tier

Bakeries have created a square-tiered tier for 2021, becoming a popular wedding cake trend in different parts. This cake looks amazing and is a joy to eat. You don’t have to spend much on your wedding cake if you are hosting an intimate affair. Instead, get a single-tiered yet square-shaped cake.

Brush Strokes

It is an art form that uses brush strokes to decorate the cake. It’s not that simple. The edible chocolate is spread on parchment paper using brush strokes and then refrigerated for fun. You will be able to create a unique cake that you can give. Brush strokes over the cake give an innovative view. They are part of the 2021 wedding cake trends.

Most couples are now looking for alternatives to traditional wedding cakes. They may want their cake made with macrons, brownies or croquembouche, or they might want individual cakes for their guests. Although this is rare, it might be a trend at intimate weddings. Many bakery owners are considering these alternatives all over the globe as the future of wedding cakes. Alternatives are also a part of the 2021 wedding cake trends.

We hope your wedding is exquisite and full of trendy themes and delicious cakes.

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