April 12, 2024

The wedding cake planning process is complex. Pun intended. There’s quite a bit to be done when planning a wedding cake. Dessert is one of the most delicious parts of any reception. There are many things to consider, including choosing the right budget, finding your dream vendor and selecting delicious flavour combinations.

You’re probably asking yourself questions such as “How much should I spend on wedding cakes?” and “How do I arrange a cake tasting?” We’ve collected all the information you need about wedding cakes to reduce stress when planning your wedding. We will handle the logistics so you can focus on the fun and delicious aspects of your wedding planning. Let’s start with the wedding cakes budget.

Wedding cake budget

Begin by determining a budget for your wedding. This should be something that you and your partner can agree on. You should create a budget for your wedding day. However, discussing how you will allocate your budget between each element is important. Your budget should include things such as cake, catering and decor.

Having a final guest list is important before you schedule your tasting appointment. Most cakes are priced per slice. The size and preferences of your guests will determine the cost of your cake. Most couples spend between $300 and 700 on their wedding cakes. This is an estimate based on the style and size of your dream wedding cake.

Finding the Perfect Cake Vendor

Highly skilled wedding vendors – cake decorators and bakers included. Book quickly. Once you have confirmed your guest list, budget, and wedding date, it is time to reach out to local wedding cake bakeries. This process should be started at least eight months in advance. Reach out to find out more about the bakery’s pricing and availability. They will often arrange a complimentary consultation to talk through your needs.

We recommend scheduling consultations at multiple bakeries around your area. This will enable you to compare prices, styles, and delivery options.

Questions to Ask during Your Wedding Cake Consultation

Is it possible to book a wedding date?

What price do you set for your cakes?

Do you require a deposit? What is the deposit required?

How do you refund cancellations or changes to dates?

Is there a delivery fee?

What flavours, fillings, and icing options do you have?

Do you provide the necessary tools and utensils to cut the cake?

What type of cake toppings do you use?

When is the final payment due

Will you freeze the top tier of our company’s top tier if we need to save it for our first anniversary?

Wedding Cake Tasting

Once you have confirmed pricing and availability, it is time to enjoy a delicious and satisfying portion of cake tasting. It is best to book your cake tasting appointment at least six months before your wedding. This will allow you to concentrate on the larger details, such as your wedding theme, preferred colour palette and decor, which will impact the overall design of the cake.

Bring a list of your preferences and be open to making suggestions. To allow the bakery to prepare the cake, communicate the flavours you are interested in trying before your appointment. High-quality wedding cake bakeries can guide you through your cake tasting appointment based on the decisions that you have made. . Based on your wedding theme, guest count, and size, they will be able to make suggestions for design, size, and flavour.

Remember that it’s your marriage, and you can choose as many or as few flavours as you like. Pick your favourite flavours when choosing flavour combinations. Do not place too much emphasis on the crowd favourite or be afraid of going outside the box.

Toppers and Design Ideas for Wedding Cakes

Pinterest is the best place to find wedding cake ideas. A board of inspiration for cakes will help you and your partner narrow down your options, from cake size to style, allowing you to combine all your ideas into one place. This gives your cake decorator an idea of what you like and is a great place to start when designing a customized cake.


Who said the base of your cake had to be circular? Play with different sizes and shapes when designing your cake tiers. We’ve seen everything, from squares to hexagons. You can make your cake stand out with shapes and tiers.


There are many design options for your wedding cake. Your Pinterest wedding cake inspiration will help you understand what you want. This will make it easier for your decorator to communicate your ideas. Many couples use it to influence their wedding theme and colour scheme.

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