July 14, 2024

Wedding pie as an alternative to wedding cake

No matter what flavour you choose, pies can be a good idea. This is the perfect option if you are craving apple pie and ice cream or pumpkin pie. Pies are a wonderful alternative to traditional cakes for couples planning their fall weddings.

Junebug member TeriB Photography said, “I knew of one couple who ate a giant Pumpkin Pie and ate it together.” The groom loves pumpkin pie, and the bride loves it. It was the perfect combination and perfect sweet treat. The mini pies were available in various flavours so that guests could choose.


Cupcakes are a great alternative to a wedding cake. These are a great way to make any cake or icing you like without actually ” cutting” the cake. They are a great way for your guests not to worry about having the wedding cake served. Cupcakes are a great alternative to a traditional wedding cake.

Get the cookies!

Cookies can be decorated with intricate icing or perfectly cut shapes. They are great for satisfying sweet tooths and adding a personal touch to any occasion. Cookies can be placed in a tower, individually wrapped or served later in the evening. They are easy to eat while on the move, so don’t be surprised if guests hold them as they dance the night away.

Candy Bars, Candy Drops and Wrapped Sugary Treats

Let’s get our quarters! You can keep your uniqueness by eating candy bars and other candy cousins. There are many options to choose from, so you can ensure that there is a dessert for everyone.

Nikk Nguyen Photo, a Junebug member, agrees that there is nothing better than an endless variety of candy options for your big event. You’ll find everything you need to satisfy every sweet tooth in the room, whether it be bubblegum, sour or sweet. Old-fashioned candy bars are the best choice for wedding dessert options. You can customize and decorate your candy bar to make it yours, then take it home!

Donut Bar

Two words: doughnut bar. These doughnut bars are not only beautiful, but they’re also a great way to get your doughnut fix. These delicious desserts are simple to make and easy to decorate and customize. These sugary delights will be a huge hit at any reception.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are another easy option for wedding cakes. These bite-sized cakes satisfy your sweet tooth and do not limit yourself to one flavour. Cake pops may be the best option if you and your partner argue about which cake flavour to choose.

For a wedding dessert idea, macarons are a great choice.

Macarons are another worthy option for your wedding cake. You can match any of these French desserts with your wedding colours. There are many options for fillings, decorations and cookie flavours. You can make a tower with them or a floral-inspired arrangement. Or, you can lay them on plates. These will look delicious and delicate on their own.

What’s better? A delicate bite-sized French favourite to satisfy your cookie cravings?” This popular favourite will be a hit with your guests. It’ll add a variety of flavours to your big day.


It doesn’t matter whether it’s a stand or a cake; churros make a great dessert. You can customize churros to match your wedding colours or keep it simple.

“Sugary churros with hot Mexican Chocolate or traditional Cafe de Ola will make your guests want more.”

Everybody screams for ice cream wedding dessert ideas.

Ice cream, sorbet, gelato–oh my! Although ice cream can be a strange dessert, it is a great way to create memories and take photos. Renting an ice cream truck is a great way to live your childhood memories with ice cream cones or bars.

We love the idea that ice cream cones can be dipped in chocolate before being handed out. Talk to your caterer about creating this unforgettable wedding experience.

It can be stressful to plan your wedding, but picking the right wedding dessert can be a lot of fun. You don’t need to cut a cake. These options allow you to choose the dessert you want. Many options are available if you like more than one type of dessert.

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