June 24, 2024

Some people don’t like cutting a chocolate cake for Valentine’s Day, birthday or anniversary. Others still enjoy fruit cakes.

Are you aware of someone who doesn’t love chocolate? A fruit cake is a great gift for any occasion.

Here’s a quick guide to the different fruit-flavoured cakes so you can choose the right one.


Mango Cake

Mango season is upon us. Mango lovers will love the bright yellow cakes!

A chilled Mango Gateaux Cake makes a great summer dessert. This bright and cheerful cake, with a mango-flavoured glaze and fresh whipped cream, is a feast for the eyes.

The Magnificent Mango Cake is also available. This cake comes with a thick layer of mango glaze and whipped cream icing.

Mixed Fruit Cake

A glorious Mixed Fruit Cake is the perfect choice for fruit lovers who can’t decide between different fruits. This delicious cake is made with seasonal fruits inside and on top.

Pineapple Cake

WarmOven offers a Punchy Pineapple Cake with chunks, fresh cream, cherries, and fresh cream. This cake is sweet and tart in equal parts, so enjoy every bite.

Litchi Cake

This one is a great summer fruit pairing well with a moist vanilla sponge. The Luscious Litchi cake is made from juicy fresh litchi pulp and smooth whipped cream.

Orange Cake

Between layers of vanilla sponge, the citrusy zing of oranges pairs well with fresh whipped cream. This Orange Cake has been glazed to perfection and is garnished with chocolate discs.

Orange and chocolate together are two delicious yet contrasting flavours. The combination of orange and dark chocolate is a perfect match. The Choco Orange Cake will please everyone at any celebration.

Strawberry Cake

Strawberry is a popular choice. The Strawberry Sunshine Cake has both sweetness and tanginess! This beauty looks as delicious as it tastes.

Blueberry Cake

Blueberry Cake has been a popular choice. This moist cake is full of flavour! Layers of vanilla sponge are topped with blueberry crush and topped with chocolate.


You don’t have to celebrate a special occasion with a huge cake. Smaller celebrations can be held with fruit-based desserts suitable for just two people or a smaller group. Let’s take a look at some of these:

Jar cakes

Jar Cakes have become a popular choice. The best desserts for any occasion are made straight from jars: Mango and Strawberry.

These jars can be customized and are also available in eggless versions.


Cupcakes have been a classic favourite for almost everyone. You can choose from many fruit flavours, including Mango and Orange CupcakesPineapple CupcakesBlueberry Cupcakes are just a few.

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